Rapid prototyping


3D Printing

Today’s pace of development of new products, as well as requirements of the global market, demand fast adaptation to new conditions and constant adoption of new technologies. In recent years, rapid prototyping along with computer-aided design (CAD) has become an indispensable engineering tool. Reducing the time of product development, encouraged by constant innovations and market competition, increased complexity of products, the need for real models to better understand the shape, dimensions, control functionality or ergonomics, are all factors that influenced rapid development of this technology and its implementation in many areas of engineering practices.

This technology is applied in various aspects of many activities:


  • model with abundance of detail
  • short production time
  • small cost of production
  • does not deviate from digital model
  • ability to make multiple copies
  • multicolored
  • production of fitting models



  • possibility to experience visual geometry
  • short production time
  • testing products through esthetic impression, ergonomics and form



  • credible model makes observation and explanation easier
  • learning is easier through visualization


Mechanical engineering:

  • allows improvement of the geometry and functionality of the product
  • conceptual modelling
  • functional testing
  • MKE and thermal visualization



  • visualization of CT and MRI, chemical and molecular compounds
  • great application in prosthetics


Mold production:

  • rapid production of prototypes and metal parts from printed molds
  • ideal for complex shaped objects
  • combination of multiple printed parts can lead to big models
  • great savings in production time
  • cost reductions in mold production


Tera Tehnopolis offers a rapid prototyping service with the help of a 3D printer that prints objects in three dimensions on the basis of three-dimensional volumetric images. Three-dimensional printing, especially colored printing, gives engineers and designers a clear insight into the flow of the designing process, possibility to highlight various parameters, possibility of easy and early detection of eventual errors and their fast and efficient rectification. Using these possibilities of a 3D printer significantly reduces production time and increases the level of quality of models and prototypes. It is therefore of utmost importance to have a good quality 3D printer that will be able to create objects of different characteristics and technical requirements that the model should satisfy.

Tera Tehnopolis has a 3D printer Ultimaker 2. Ultimaker 2 is based on a printing technology based on ABS and PLA plastic with the possibility of universal cartridges. Print speed is 30mm/s – 350mm/s, while the volume of printing is 23 x 22.5 x 20.5cm. Ultimaker 2 is able to create very accurate models of printed layer 0.02mm in height and supports Windows, MacOS and Linux operating systems.