Client profile:

Existing and future entrepreneurs/ small agriculturists

Client need:

Using innovative agricultural machinery and gaining new knowledge in the field of agriculture

Provided solution to meet the needs:

Future Machines Ltd. is a company engaged in the production of ploughs, seed drills for grain, corn, sugar beet, sunflower and soybeans, interrow cultivators, disc harrows of 2 to 7 metres in width, seed drills, manure loaders, water towers, thermal insulation doors and slaughterhouse equipment. The company realizes 60% of its sales on the Croatian market, and the rest on the markets of BiH and Serbia. With the high-quality, as well as technical and technological characteristics of its products, the company wishes to remain high up in the domestic and global agricultural machinery market. In order to keep pace with the latest trends in the production of agricultural machinery, the company pays great attention to the innovativeness of its products.
Realising the potential of an innovative universal agricultural machine, TERA Tehnopolis prepared a project proposal within the open call for proposals “Innovation of newly established SMEs”, in the framework of the Competitiveness and Cohesion operational programme 2014 – 2020. The project proposal was submitted in February 2019, while the notice of approved funding was received in July same year, and the project’s implementation began.
The project focuses on the adaptation of a universal tillage machine for the cultivation of agricultural land of up to 4 hectares to market requirements and its commercialisation. Alongside the machine, the project develops a technological map, which is a unique solution on the market. It is composed of guidelines for the production of vegetable crops with the universal machine. The guidelines encompass around 30 vegetable crops, an attached technological map and an organisation of crop production space, with an emphasis on organic production. In addition to innovative technological solutions, the universal machine will also achieve standardisation of land treatment with a unique fixed working width of 1 metre. This innovation has global potential and could be considered a radical innovation.
In addition to the project proposal preparation, TERA Tehnopolis is also responsible for its overall implementation, intellectual property protection (design and trademark protection) on international and EU levels, product promotion, as well as its commercialisation with the assistance of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN).