Client profile:

People who must pay attention to physical distance during the pandemic, especially vulnerable groups such as pupils, students, nursing home residents, business people and other individuals

Client need:

Reducing the risk of COVID-19 infection

Provided solution to meet the needs:

The Distancer 2M innovation, which was designed by an innovator Mr Miroslav Špiranović, is a device used for the prevention of COVID-19 infection. The device transmits light and audio signals to remind the user to maintain the required two-metre physical distance rule. It is worn as a badge on the lapel or a pendant around the neck. One of its fundamental characteristics and advantages is the fact that it does not use GPS tracking. So, unlike similar products, the device does not track the user’s movement. The user can choose to activate and deactivate light or audio indications. The product is of small size and weight. It is round, with 5 cm in diameter, and weighs 30 grams.
TERA Tehnopolis assisted Mr Špiranović in identifying a suitable programme for further product financing. They identified the Synergy project, in which Science and Technology Park of the University of Rijeka -StepRi is involved as a Croatian consortium partner. The Synergy project (SYnergic Networking for innovativeness Enhancement of central european actoRs focused on hiGh-tech industry), financed by the Interreg Central Europe 2017-2020, helped bring Mr Špiranović’s innovation one step closer to the realisation and protection, while also enabling further elaboration and testing.
To make the product recognisable on both the European and domestic markets, within the framework of the EEN IP Helpdesk programme, TERA Tehnopolis advised Mr Špiranović on the protection of his product, which resulted in an EU trademark registration. Moreover, TERA found partners for the creation of the prototype (Zajednica tehničke kulture Valpovo-Belišće) and additional promotion (Bisnode). To commercialise the product and place it on the international market, as a consortium partner of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), TERA Tehnopolis will create and publish a business profile in the EEN database.