Client profile:

All legal entities and natural persons from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro (WB6)

Client need:

The option to buy certain agricultural products through a web shop

Provided solution to meet the needs:

The project “Zajedno jači – Razvoj i internacionalizacija proizvoda – STRONGER TOGETHER” (Product Development and internationalisation) was funded within the Interreg IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme Croatia – Bosnia and Herzegovina – Montenegro. The main objective of the Project was to strengthen business support organisations and research institutions that provide support and consultancy services for better market access of SMEs. TERA was involved in the Project as a subcontractor who conducted training for mentors and beneficiaries, i.e. different types of producers of certain agri-food products.
After the training sessions were completed, a total of seven participants received mentoring services given by experts specialised in different fields: business development plan creation, development of intellectual property protection and management strategy, website creation, development of the visual identity of products, product analysis – expert revision of its production technology and composition, as well as consultancy/mentoring in the field of collection, cultivation and processing of medicinal plants, aiming to improve the existing production processes and expand the product assortment.
In cooperation with an external expert, the company Gauss development Ltd., two beneficiaries received webpages with integrated webshops. Those were Radić family farm and Učenička zadruga TKANICA/ Student Cooperative TKANICA (Srednja škola Matije Antuna Reljkovića, Slavonski Brod). Radić family farm specialises in blackberries trade and production and trade of blackberry wine, as well as processing blackberries into jams, syrups, juices, brandy and liqueur.
Učenička zadruga TKANICA/ Student Cooperative TKANICA gathers students involved in extracurricular activities: organic gardening, products of the soil, production of beekeeping products, phytoart, home economics, ceramics and traditional hairstyles making. Both websites contain webshops, which allow interested buyers to order the beneficiaries’ products.