Having a business plan is extremely important for any entrepreneur. A business plan has to answer some rather simple questions: what, how, why, until when, with what resources, etc. However, the answers are not at all simple. Ultimately, in addition to concrete answers, a methodology that can later be applied to other projects is also important for a successful entrepreneur. But how to start?

The answer to the question of what is the easiest way to write a business plan is simple – just write one. It is relatively similar to learning how to ride a bike. Nobody has done that by listening to someone who has watched successful bike riders ride. That is why Tera Tehnopolis started a simple project sixteen years ago: a competition in student business plan writing Be the Role Model™. Be the Role Model™ is an international exhibition of innovations, prototypes and business plans intended for innovators and business idea holders who want to test the market value of their innovations and start a business. The international jury consists of representatives of all foreign exhibitors and leading Croatian experts. Bronze, silver and gold medals are awarded, and to make the competition interesting for the competitors, every year we award interesting prizes.

A lot of time has passed since the first competition. From a simple poster presentation, we came to a two-phase competition, in which the best business plans for which students prepare five-minute-long presentations, the so-called elevator pitch, are selected among the finalists. With more than 1400 students who competed, the Be the Role Model™ became a brand of the University of Osijek, and the quality of the business plans has increased significantly.

Since 2010, the Be the Role Model™ has been organised in cooperation with the Inova® exhibition. Due to that collaboration, the Be the Role Model™/ Inova® became one of the largest exhibitions in the region.

Be the Role Model™ competition


E-tool for business plan writing

By participating in the exhibition of innovations, prototypes and business plans Be the Role Model™, you have an opportunity to present your creativity and business ideas that, translated into business plans, provide an insight into their commercialisation potential.