Lifelong learning

Lifelong learning

Lifelong learning

Lifelong learning have answered to the problem of discrepancy between youth and adults. With lifelong learning there are related objectives of an economic nature such as improved competitiveness, improve employability, active role of individuals in society, fostering social inclusion, development of active citizenship and the development of individual potential of individuals.

The concept of lifelong learning is recognized and TERA Tehnopolis where, as part of a wide range of activities carried out, provides an opportunity to different groups of people to improve their knowledge, skills and competencies and the development of their personal, social and professional development, regardless of age.

Business Consulting, as one of TERA activities, allows each person personal development in various fields of activities and directing individual potential of individuals in various fields of business. For the purpose of determining the exact needs of clients and defining the role of TERA Tehnopolis requirements in business consulting, clients have free consultation enabled.

As part of the various EU projects that TERA Tehnopolis carries out, many different workshops on different topics where interested clients the opportunity for improvement in certain areas of activity are organized

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Entrepreneurial Academy

Entrepreneurial Academy is intended for all new entrepreneurs who want to start a business and existing entrepreneurs in the acquisition of new knowledge for doing business in the domestic and European market. Every entrepreneur should know how to successfully present your company in front of potential partners, to keep up with the trends and be prepared for the risks that are placed in their path to success.
Tera Tehnopolis, through a project of the Enterprise Europe Network, every year organizes an entrepreneurial academy where all entrepreneurs, and those who want to become entrepreneurs, helps in various fields since the establishment of their company, to business and placing their products on the European market. The Enterprise Europe Network provides entrepreneurs to connect with partners, consultants and researchers from various fields, to obtain information on supply and demand of products and services on the international market and thus open a new market for their products and services.

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Synchronous and simultaneous seminars

Tera Tehnopolis has the necessary infrastructure to maintain synchronous and simultaneous seminars where attendees are integrated by multimedia connectivity into a unified whole. Through webinars to all participants are provided by opportunity to, regardless of distance and time differences, participate in seminars on various topics from around the world and thus improve their competence.

During May and June 2014, progress has been made in the long term cooperation of Josip Juraj Strossmayer and North Carolina State University. First synchronous and simultaneous transatlantic seminar “AGRICULTURAL BUSINESS AND ENTREPRENEURIAL LAW” have been organized. NCSU classrooms in North Carolina and Technology Development Centre of the University of Josip Juraj Strossmayer – TERA TEHNOPOLIS Ltd. classroom are integrated with multimedia connectivity in a single unique unit that allowed a very efficient and very interesting implementation of the seminar. During the seminar, an international, interdisciplinary teams of students have acquired the specific skills necessary for the successful implementation of business projects in the US and the EU.

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is international exchange program that provides an opportunity for young and promising entrepreneurs to learn from experienced entrepreneurs who run small companies in other participating countries.

Experiences are exchanged during a stay in the host enterprise which helps new entrepreneur to acquire the necessary skills to conduct business.

Host is provided with new perspectives on his / her company, as well as the opportunity to work with international partners and learn about new markets.

Stay is partly financed by the European Union. No matter whether you’re a beginner or an experienced entrepreneur for a long time in business, the program can markedly contribute to your business; the potential benefits of the program include the exchange of knowledge and experience, the opportunity to develop contacts and new business relationships throughout Europe, and the opening of foreign markets.