Client profile:

Family farms, producers, agricultural processors, traders and buyers/consumers of organic agri-food products from East Croatia (MS) and Serbia (WB6)

Client need:

Organic production development, connecting organic producers with one another and other key stakeholders in the development of organic production, strengthening market position, finalising products, strengthening the producers’ competencies, advocacy

Provided solution to meet the needs:

Centar za razvoj ekološke proizvodnje (CREP)/ Centre for Organic Production Development is the result of the ORGANIC BRIDGE project, realised within the Interreg – IPA CBC Croatia – Serbia programme in the “Enhancing competitiveness and developing business environment” programme area. The lead beneficiary was the Town of Valpovo, with TERA Tehnopolis d.o.o., Centar za organsku proizvodnju Selenča (COPS)/ Centre for organic production Selenča from Selenča and Udruženje TERRA’S/ TERRA’S Association from Subotica as partners.
ORGANIC BRIDGE contributes to solving mutual issues in the field of organic production and agriculture, as well as rural development in general, i.e. improvement of economic and social conditions of life and economic activities in the cross-border area. The issues this project tackles range from the underdeveloped market of organic products, especially the local market, low export of organic agri-food products, lack of effective support for organic food producers, a weak connection between producers and research institutions, low level of knowledge transfer, innovations and research results in organic production and supporting industries.
The objectives of CREP:

  • promoting development and advancement of organic production and processing
  • creating preconditions for the marketing of organic products
  • protecting the interests of producers, processors and traders of organic products
  • protecting the interests of consumers of organic products and other subjects in the field of the improvement of health, ecological, agrotechnical, and market conditions and criteria for the development of organic agricultural production, processing, placement, distribution, promotion, and consumption of organic products.
The Centre’s webpage features a database of family farms, which is searchable by name, product type, and location. The database contains contact information of each family farm, which allows potential buyers to contact the producers directly and order the products they are interested in.