Client profile:

Human Interaction Company (Burza d.o.o.) is a 19-year-old agency from Croatia. It designs and develops digital products that improve the lives of users and create value for the clients. Human does website development (micro, apps, corpo) and online business performance (analysis, UX/UI optimisation).

Client needs:

Human is an interaction company creating digital experiences that feel nice, make sense and perform great. For 18 years, it was recognised under the old brand name web.burza. During that period, the company produced over 150 digital products, mostly for domestic (Croatian) clients. It was time for the company to change its brand name and website, and create something that is an accurate reflection of itself, its way of working and living, as well as something that will attract foreign clients.

Provided solution to meet the needs:

The website that the company created is primarily a tool that lets it tell the story about Human. The company decided to guide its visitors through a carefully planned narrative that combines funny moments, its business perspective and culture.
The visual language was created using simple elements that do not distract the visitors, but rather help the stories to be easier to understand. All the copywriting, as well as photo and video production, was done in-house.
React, as well as Server-Side Rendering, were used so that every bit of performance possible could be squeezed in. Transitions and animations were fine-tuned to use as little CPU cycles as possible, so they do not stand in the way of experience, but rather enhance it. Also, everything was heavily tested on all major desktop and mobile browsers. As a result, most of the pages produce a 100/100 score on Google Lighthouse and 5 A’s on Web Page Performance Test.
For its project, the company won a few prestigious awards: European Lovie award, “digital Oscar” the Webby award. Both awards for the Best Practices on the Web, both by the Jury and by People’s vote, regional MIXX award for the best website, and the Red Dot Award in the Brands & Communication Design.