Logo_ImageenIMAGEEN – Specific activity for promoting Eco-design into small and medium enterprises (Introducing SMEs to eco-design measures through EEN).
With the first international training organized for all partners of the project, that took place in Padova from 01. to 03.10.2013., initiated the operative part of IMAGEEN project. Considering that the project has the goal of introducing and promoting Eco-design into the food and beverage sector, the lecturers/experts from those areas processed the main features that the partners on local workshops will teach to small and medium entrepreneurs.
Activities of Eco-design project are intended for the sectors in which Eco-design is not yet developed, but have potential. It includes the the food and beverage sector, both in the context of packaging.

Eco design enables the producers to consider environmental issues from the early phases of product design. Eco-design contributes in strenghtening competitivity of small and medium entrepreneurship through:

  • encouragement of the inovations (re- designing of the products, creation of new „green“ products or assortment,
  • cost reduction through reduction of raw material quantities,
  • quality increase,
  • sales volume increase through new market opportunities (including the public procurement),
  • compliance with environmental standards,
  • environmental procedures compliance facilitation (which finally leads to business cost reduction).

Project goals are as follows:

  • raising awareness about Eco-design in small and medium entrepreneurship as well as about the possibilities proveded by standardization,
  • providing consulting services about Eco-design,
  • providing advanced support in Eco-product development,
  • re-designing.

Within the project, Tera Tehnopolis does also direct visits to small and medium enterprises (In-house training) and in client’s facility performs individual counselling and consultations about specific issues. Specialized consultants within the project visit the interested enterprises, and in the field define business issues regarding the product packaging.

Project consortium IMAGEEN is led by Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and consists of six partners from Italy, Bulgaria, Serbia, Germany and Croatia, and all are members of Enterprise Europe Network. IMAGEEN is financed by European Comission within the Program for entrepreneurship and inovations.